We are passionate about bringing roofing owners together to maximize their success and buying power.

  • How to prepare for exit
    Thu, Aug 25
    Jeff has over a decade of experience as a General Contractor specializing in taking great care of customers in roofing, siding and now solar sales.
  • Lump Sum Contracts
    Mon, Jul 25
    Steve Patrick is a strategic advisor, consultant, contractor/PA coach and the author of the contractor-acclaimed book ‘Win the Claim Game by Leveling the Playing Field. 
  • How To Thrive at D2D Sales
    Sat, Jun 25
    Heath Hicks is the CEO of AVCO Roofing located in Texas.
  • How To Maximize Sales
    Wed, May 25
    Ryan Groth is the CEO of the Sale Transformation Group Inc. based in Kula, Hawaii.
  • 3 Keys to Move Claims Faster
    Wed, Apr 27
    TJ Ware is the CEO of Paradise Claims Insurance, a National Public Insurance Adjusting Firm

Monthly Mastermind Meetings

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Tejas Roofworks was excited to partner with the Limitless GPO for 2 reasons. First, we saw value in connecting with likeminded contractors to collaborate, work together and provide a better level of service for our clients. Second, we saw an opportunity to improve our margins and operate a more efficient business

Nathan Schnefke, Owner of Tejas Roofworks & Restoration