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Finally, a buying group
for roofers.

We are a group of roofing owners who join together to save money and learn from one another. 

Save. Grow. Limitless.

LIMITLESS is a membership group that connects owners of roofing companies together. We use the buying power of the group to secure better deals for our members. We are passionate about providing the tools and relationships you need to run a successful company. Our goal for the group is simple: Make you more effective and profitable. 


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Fixing the Roof

Want buying power? Join the group.

Want leverage? By joining the Limitless buying group, you’re able to leverage the collective buying power of a group of roofing owners. This means bulk spending discounts on Business Insurance, Lead Generation, Hail Maps, and even Healthcare Insurance. We negotiate deals on your behalf that save you tens of thousands of dollars each year. 

What Is a Roofing Buying Group?

A Roofing GPO (Group Purchasing Organization) leverages the collective buying power of its members to obtain better deals from suppliers and vendors. We also focus on training from the best minds in the industry. The more you grow, the more we all grow. 

Our Members.

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Monthly Mastermind Meetings.

We are passionate about bringing roofing owners together to maximize their success and buying power.

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Member Discounts.

Enjoy exclusive deals from our partners.

Healthcare Initiative Program.

What We Offer.

Limitless buying group provides an exclusive, low-cost healthcare option tailored for the roofing industry. This exclusive group program provides medical health benefits with an integrated lifestyle and wellness improvement feature. With premium savings over comparable traditional insurance plans, Limitless Roofing GPO's program offers five plans with options in several categories including:







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