We are passionate about bringing roofing owners together to maximize their success and buying power.

Meet The Team

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Dylan McCabe

Co-Founder & Podcast Host

​Dylan McCabe graduated with a B.S. in Organizational Leadership. Since then, he has held key executive positions at several companies and owned two of his own companies. Dylan’s true passion is developing leaders and facilitating synergy through roofing CEO groups. Outside of Limitless, Dylan loves being a husband, dad to three girls, and getting outdoors. Dylan finds it strange to write about himself in the third person.

Miller Weedn

Co-Founder & Owner of RainTight GC

Miller Weedn has been selling roofs since high school. He worked for his father during the 90’s and early 2000’s at RainTight General Contracting. In 2003, Miller took ownership of the company. Since then, Miller has gained expertise through failures and successes in business, scalability, and profitability. Today, Miller’s passion is helping other roofing owners win at business and in their home life. He’s even more passionate about being a husband and dad to two precious children. In his spare time, Miller is busy winning fishing tournaments in Texas.

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Steve Patrick

Owner, Level the Playing Field

Steve Patrick is a strategic advisor, consultant, contractor/PA coach and the author of the contractor-acclaimed book ‘Win the Claim Game by Leveling the Playingfield.’ Steve is a top-rated speaker at a number of national conventions/conferences on many topics related to insurance restoration contractors and PAs dealing with claims adjusters. He is well known for his practical application of high-quality content. He is widely recognized throughout the industry as a coach to contractors, PAs, and plaintiff attorneys across the nation. Steve teaches his clients how to overcome unreasonable, uncooperative, and even unscrupulous carriers.  

Tejas Roofworks was excited to partner with the Limitless GPO for 2 reasons. First, we saw value in connecting with likeminded contractors to collaborate, work together and provide a better level of service for our clients. Second, we saw an opportunity to improve our margins and operate a more efficient business

Nathan Schnefke, Owner of Tejas Roofworks & Restoration